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Cathleen N. McLaughlin J.D./M.B.A.
Cathleen’s passion is serving and advocating for individuals reentering the community after incarceration, as well as the homeless and the under-served. Cathleen has worked in law and in advocacy throughout the past 35 years. In 2013 Cathleen was given the opportunity to help create a community-based reentry center in Anchorage, Alaska. In 2014, she became the Director of the Partners Reentry Center, a walk-in center that provides timely pre- and post-release reentry services to vulnerable individuals who would otherwise release to homelessness. To date the Partners Reentry Center has served over 8,400 reentrants with the goal to provide cost-effective, reentrant-centered services in a respectful and positive way. Cathleen’s experiences at Partners Reentry Center inspired her to create Restorative & Reentry Services, which provides guidance to communities around the United States that are inspired to create their own community-based reentry programs.
95% of the prison population will be released from incarceration. When individuals release from incarceration to nothing, they will go back to what they know, which often include the people, places and things that caused them to be incarcerated in the first place. Without a realistic reentry plan, and the means to follow it, the reentrant is almost guaranteed to fail and recidivate. The solution for communities is to create their own reentry programs.
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